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Wealth Counseling Planning Session

Lauren Rios will reserve up to two hours for your personal Wealth Counseling Session. Do plan to spend the full two hours together, and bring your spouse or partner to your Planning Session. If your spouse or partner can't make it for any reason, please call us at least one week in advance to reschedule.

Before the session, we will send you a mailer that will include an Inventory & Assessment worksheet, which will help you begin to get your financial house in order and take control of your life. This Inventory will be used during your planning session to help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

We generally charge a fee for this session, but that fee will be waived so long as you attend your planning session. Because we have so few planning sessions available each month, we do ask you reserve your session with a credit card, which will only be charged if you do not attend your planning session.

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Our counsel is distinguished in our profession for many reasons. One that we pride ourselves the most in, is the fact that our professionals are experienced and totally committed to tending to each and every one of our client's estate needs and concerns.