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Lana L. Recommends Lauren Rios

I contacted Lauren Rios Attorney at Law to amend my outdated living trust. Lauren accommodated me quickly because I was having surgery and wanted to have all my ducks in order before this. Updating my Living Trust was something that had been weighing on my mind for a few years. There were many changes in my personal life and my child is an adult now. Lauren can assist with any concerns you may have. It's important for our heirs to avoid probate, unnecessary taxes and help them with our end of life requests. She has proven to be most efficient, knowledgeable, professional and very organized. I was impressed with how the drafts were done electronically and I had the ability to make any changes through phone calls and emails. I was able to review the final draft beforehand that allowed me to only have to meet with her twice. She kept me informed throughout the whole process. I had many questions, which I thought were unusual requests, however, apart from this, she was able to advise me and translate my thoughts into the trust. Lauren is quite extraordinary in her profession. I highly recommend Lauren and have complete confidence in her ability to help anyone with estate planning needs no matter how small or big your estate is.

– Lana L.

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