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Greg B. from San Diego, CA Recommends Lauren Rios

Delivered as promised!  Heggstad Petition approved by the court in 4 business days!!!!! During Covid-19!  If you need a Heggstad Petition anywhere (with some stipulations) in California, Lauren is your attorney.  My mother passed away unexpectedly and did have a Revocable Living Trust. She also had her property listed in the trust.  However, she refinanced a few years back and forgot to ensure that the title company put the title back in the name of the trust after the refi.  So the house would have to have gone through probate (1-1.5 year process) or we could have filed a Hegstadd petition in San Diego county which would have taken 4-6 months to work through the courts at this time.  Our executor gave Lauren a call.  From the time we paid her fee, we had the court order approving our Heggstad petition 4 days later.   Lauren possibly saved my family 18 months of mortgage payments on an inherited property that might have gone through the probate process.  Thanks Lauren!

– Greg B. from San Diego, CA

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