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Bay P. from Rancho Santa Fe, CA Recommends Lauren Rios

I was starting to panic. We were in escrow, the buyer was waiting for loan docs, the file was complete except one issue with title. I had never had issues with title in my 51 years of being a licensee.  This one was personal in that it dealt with my mother's estate. The original attorney that drew a deed transferring the property my from mother as an individual to her trust was remiss including a necessary legal description. Title would not insure. I was informed that this matter had to be probated. There goes the deal an months of work not to mention the costs. Thankfully, in steps Lauren Rios.

She is an expert in Hegstadd, bringing a property in a trust after the trustor has deceased, and the requisite ex parte petition. Other attorneys I conferred with said it could not be done, especially in the time frame I needed. I do not know how she did it, probably worked through the night, but had the petition in from a of a judge in a matter of days. Escrow is rolling along and I could not be happier! I whole heartedly with reservation recommend Attorney Rios in such matters. Oh, and she is nice too!

– Bay P. from Rancho Santa Fe, CA

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